Activity Based Costing for Critical Decision Making

For the financial executive, coming to grips with the challenges of business and profitability have never been greater. However, traditional costing systems provide only minimal guidance to the financial and accounting professionals to assist in improving profitability. This course provides a step by step approach of how to effectively implement Activity Based Costing to improve profitability by converting existing GAAP statements to Activity Based Costing Statements.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the course, the student will:
• Describe and Understand the principles of Activity Based Costing
• Identify cost drivers in the business model
• Recognize the link between activity based costing and lean operations
• Implement a step by step conversion method to convert from standard GAAP statements to Activity Based Costing Systems
• Develop an income statement based upon activities
• Develop a balance sheet based upon activities
• Identify segment profitability
• Identify costs not allocated to any business segment for analysis and review
• Identify the cost of capital and cost gap associated with each business
• Make logical business decisions with accurate segment information in an unstable economic climate

Major Topics

• Develop an understanding of Activity Based Costing for decision making
• Develop an accurate conversion model from existing statements to decision-based financials
• Develop cost gaps for management action for each business segment
• Develop a process to accurately make financial decisions

Who Should Attend

For CPAs in Business & Industry

Fields of Study



Basic knowledge of financial statements


Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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