Are You Prepared to Fail – How do you reconcile?

This course defines reconcilation and remediation as acccounting and finance terms and connects the definitions to behavior that leads to success and failure during financial statement preparation. Identify what degree of trust is needed to complete fiinancial statements in timely and compliant manner.

Learning Objectives
  • Implement high trust behavior that will directly influence your ability to reconcile and remediate financial statement procedures that are compliant with time demands and generally accepted accounting principles
  • Review a list of strategies for effective communication as well as communication that may diminish your effectiveness

Major Topics

Each participant should be ready to share an experience that validates this courses learning objectives, i.e., how do you know you can trust tax or audit teammates to give you timely and accurate remediation insights? Each participant will be given empathic listening skills aligned to remediation strategies. If you consider yourself a disruptor, you will learn how to be an agile disruptor and valuing the learning power associated with failure.

Who Should Attend

Those who manage and/or influence others. Those who are in executive leadership roles and contribute to defining future business models and culture.

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing


Minimum of 3 years business experience

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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