Becoming a Cherished Advisor®: The Soft Skills Needed to Help Companies Succeed and Thrive

As financial professionals, we strive to improve our company or clients’ businesses with the financial information we provide them. Yet many of us still spend the majority of our time keeping up with regulation and compliance as well as meeting deadlines. This doesn’t leave the necessary amount of time in our day to advise each stakeholder on how to improve their financial results at a holistic level. With technology’s gift of more time, we can learn to create the value that business leaders request by clearly communicating and analyzing the meaning of financial data in a way that helps the company succeed and thrive. As a result, we can earn a seat at the table when decisions are being made, rather than finding out after the fact. Becoming a Cherished Advisor means that we are considered a strategic, highly valued partner whom the business can’t imagine living without when making key strategic decisions.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how to re-tool to create a differentiated experience for your stakeholders, and develop the soft skills needed to build collaborative relationships
  • Create value by going beyond the numbers by telling the story behind them to help business leaders make informed decisions
  • Become an integral part of the business’s decision-making processes, in a proactive, rather than reactive way
  • Gain an understanding of the mindset shift and skills needed to become better connected to your internal team, and be considered a “Cherished Advisor” by the business leaders you work with

Major Topics

  • Soft skill development needed to build collaborative relationships
  • Telling the story behind the numbers
  • Proactive business decison-making processes
  • Mindset shift and skills needed to become better connected
  • Becoming a “Cherished Advisor”

Who Should Attend

Senior Level Associate, Management, Partners, Firm Owners

Fields of Study

Personal Development




Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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