CONVERGENCE: Finding New Unity in Diversity

CONVERGENCE offers financial leaders and those in traditional industries the perspective that our differences are the solution, not the problem. In support of this, we examine differences between team members, and the ways that matching and respecting these differences can support better communication, more productive innovation, and greater company returns. We remove the punitive layer of “diversity training” and put differences and inclusion on the daily business agenda, helping leaders to establish new perspectives and encouraging them to help staff understand each other better and to maximize on a diverse set of talents instead of segmenting teams by type. Designed as both empathy and sensitivity training, this program helps managers set up a system that embraces creative change, business progress, and deep and progressive leadership. This is a program where we examine bias from obvious perspectives like gender and race, and then expand to include behaviors, motivators, creativity, sensitivity, empathy, and a global cultural approach.

This program is presented in a dynamic interactive workshop format with discussions, group activities, mini-lectures, role-playing and looking at differences on a team as the solution and the process, not the conflict. Intensives and special programs cater to one company’s specific needs and with modified length and focused modules.

Course Length Options
Keynote – 60 mins
Half Day- Overview of *NEW* diversity, inclusion and the Convergence model
One Day – Overview and Team Breakouts
Two Day – Overview, Team Breakouts, and Convergence Action Plan
Intensive – 3-5 day program catered to needs of team
Special (length by team need) – Deep Dive – Scope and details of program catered to needs of the organization

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how the need for diversity training has changed
  • Identify external and internal components of “NEW” diversity/inclusion model
  • Value differences on their team/leverage for maximum productivity at work
  • Understand how to turn conflict into convergence
  • How to plot key synergistic alliances at work on a habitual daily basis

Major Topics

  • New diversity training
  • Inclusion
  • Change management
  • Team dynamics
  • Company culture
  • Sensitivity/empathy training

Who Should Attend

* CPAs and financial organizations who are having problems with culture clashes between different departments and/or parts of the business
* CEOs and Manager/Director level leaders who need to manage a conflict by helping their teams to see the value in what makes them different and to find better ways to collaborate
* Organizations who want a thoughtful update on the standard diversity training, covering differences with a modern approach and infusion of conflict management, communication, and personal leadership practices

Fields of Study

Business Management & Organization




Business Learning Institute

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