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Corporate Tax Workshop: Get Ready for Busy Season

This course will give you an advantage with our unique perspective on the latest tax changes. Look at the most recent tax laws and other developments affecting C Corporations, S Corporations, and other business entities, including limited liability companies. Learn how to advise clients and employees on the latest tax-planning ideas. Share marketing ideas from top practitioners-based on the latest tax strategies. In addition, practical, real-life exercises will help you apply what you’ve learned from this comprehensive course. Course materials include the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) tax reform law.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the benefits of forming a corporation.
  • Apply the rules for transfer of assets and liabilities to a new corporation.
  • Recall the accounting methods available to a corporation.
  • Recognize reasonable compensation issues with respect to a C Corporation and S Corporation shareholder-employees.
  • Analyze the best retirement plan recommend for a corporation.
  • Recognize economic performance, including issues and deduction, limitations related to bad debts, rent, tax, and interest expense.
  • Determine the availability of tax credits and other entitlements related to retirement plans for a corporation.

Major Topics

• S Corporation qualifications and election • C Corporation IRC Section 1244 Stock • Cash and accrual accounting methods • Revenue recognition methods • Expensing versus capitalization rules • Depreciation • Inventories • Dividends, interest, and other income • Employee benefit and retirement plans • Net operating losses • Passive activities and at-risk limitations • Tax return disclosures • Sale of properties • Other taxes: AMT, accumulated earnings tax, personal holding • Tax payments and penalties

Who Should Attend

Tax professionals in public accounting: seniors, supervisors, and managers; Tax professionals within corporate finance or tax departments

Fields of Study



Three years of tax experience



CPE Credits




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