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Data Breaches & Other Cyber Frauds: A 21st Century Risk to Your Organization

Is your data secure? Is your organization at risk of a data breach? What is cyber fraud and how can it affect your organization? How can you protect your company from cyber fraud? Data breaches and cyber fraud are an ever present risk for more companies. This course will help you understand and become more aware of the risks associated with data breaches and other cyber frauds. You will become more aware of the policies and procedures needed to protect your company data. We will review the requirements for internal controls over technology required by the 2013 COSO Framework on Internal Controls and review internal controls that can help prevent and detect cyber frauds, including data breaches. Become a resource for your company and your clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize legal and ethical issues associated with cyber security and data breaches.
  • Recognize the requirement to select and develop general controls over technology as required by the 2013 COSO Framework.
  • Identify various types of cyber frauds and their associated risks.
  • Identify internal controls for preventing & detecting cyber frauds.

Major Topics

• Types of Cyber Frauds • Ransomware • Data Breaches • Social Engineering • Policies that help to increase security • Internal controls to help prevent & detect cyber frauds

Who Should Attend

Auditors and CPAs working for businesses, governments and not-for-profits that want to obtain a basic understanding of the issues associated with cyber frauds and cyber security

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