Disconnect to Connect: Tap Into the Power Within You to Design the Life You Desire

Have you found yourself receiving similar feedback… In each job you have? With each boss you report to? With friends? Those you love?

It is human nature that when we are unhappy with an outcome to blame the outside world for the circumstances we are in. It is rare for us to step back and take time to reflect on ourselves and explore the reasons why certain patterns show up in our lives. When we don’t do the work and review what has created our internal stories, we run the risk of carrying the same unwanted outcomes into the workplace, or inadvertently teaching them to the next generation of people we care about it.

With time and dedication, you can disconnect from your daily pressures and gain perspective on the patterns that hold you back at work or in your personal life. By embarking on this journey, you will discover more compassion for yourself and others, be more mindful as a leader, and improve how you communicate to better connect to the power within you to design the life you desire.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how habits and patterns are created in life from the time we are young that affect us into our adulthood and the steps to break the ones that don’t serve us
  • Gain an understanding of how the ego develops, influences our work lives, and impacts how well we interact with others in order to change our mindset and overcome negativity by replacing it with gratitude
  • Create more compassion for the people we work with and overcome loneliness in the workplace by learning to create communities of support that help to break down barriers to achieve the best results for the organization

Major Topics

  • Habits and patterns created in life and how to break ones that don’t serve us
  • Understanding how the “ego” develops and its influence in our lives and relationships
  • Compassion and creating communities of support
  • Breaking down barriers to achieve the best results for your organization

Who Should Attend

Anyone who struggles with work-life balance, productivity, and aligning their inner talents and passions with the work they do

Fields of Study

Personal Development




Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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