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Forensic Investigations: Key Tools to Success

If you are looking to gain more skills in the growing and lucrative field of forensic accounting, you’ll want to complete this course. Effective forensic accountants are a part of a new breed of practitioners who possess a broad spectrum of traits and knowledge. This course dives into the unique investigative and communications skills required of the best forensic accountants by teaching you how conduct interviews and how to provide expert witness testimony in mediations, arbitrations, and governmental hearings. You’ll also learn how to use investigative methods to obtain evidence during a forensic accounting engagement. This course demonstrates the keys to success in obtaining evidence, conducting interviews, and providing expert witness testimony during forensic accounting engagements.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine how to obtain evidence in a forensic accounting engagement.
  • Apply investigatory techniques for conducting interviews.
  • Identify how to prepare to be an expert witness at a deposition and trial.
  • Identify key tools used in forensic investigations.

Major Topics

• Evidence in the investigative process • Tools used in forensic investigations • Conducting interviews • Expert witness testimony

Who Should Attend

Individuals looking to expand their knowledge of forensic accounting

Fields of Study



Experience in accounting and financial reporting



CPE Credits




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