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GASB 87: Implementing the New Lease Accounting Standard in Governmental Entities

Lease accounting is undergoing drastic revisions for all organizations. Standards differ in subtle and significant ways between ASU 2016-02 (FASB) and GASB 87. This course focusses on the impact on governmental units

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the transition from operating leases to capitalization affects governmental entities
  • Understand the similarities and differences between ASU 2016-02 and GASB 87
  • Become familiar with the right-of-use, present value model for capitalizing leases
  • Separate lease and non-lease components
  • Understand the lease capitalization model for lessors
  • Study how GASB 87 addresses issues specific to governmental entities
  • Review GASB’s implementation guidance

Major Topics

  • The asset-liability approach to leases and its effect on the balance sheet
  • How is a lease defined in Statement 87?
  • The control approach to analyzing leases
  • The effect of lease classification on covenants and debt arrangements

Who Should Attend

Preparers and accountants in public practice and governmental entities who need to understand how the new leasing rules affect financial reporting

Fields of Study

Accounting (Governmental)


Prior learning or experience in revenue and lease accounting


Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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