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I2A: Strategic Thinking that takes Insights to Action

“To keep pace in your industry, let alone excel as a leader, requires your rate of learning to be greater than, or equal to, the rate of change”

Given the rate of change today, this means that you must have: future-minded flexible thinking skills, the tools to rapidly adapt to new circumstances, the ability to make your ideas clear to other people in a way they can easily grasp and the personal influence to inspire others throughout your network.

The i2a Strategic Thinking System is a five stage process that teaches critical and creative thinking. The system is designed to yield a thoughtful strategic plan that is realistically optimistic, leverages the strengths of the organization, is aligned with a shared vision and provides the detail that gets the work done. Unique to the i2a System are the powerful “share the air” wall charts that facilitate collaboration and creativity and teach the impact of making your thinking visible to others. In addition, the process of the i2a Strategic Thinking workshop is designed to fundamentally change the way in which leaders think.

I2a is exciting because it is the next evolution in strategic planning and leadership skills and represents the intersection of solid strategic planning processes, powerful visual tools and evidence-based practices in motivating people.

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Learning Objectives

I2a can be utilized by individuals who want to increase their strategic thinking skills or by an organization that wants to build a strategic plan and align their organization simultaneously.

Major Topics

  • Organizational: Create a shared strategic direction and plan for the organization while simultaneously teaching a new conceptual framework for thinking, creating, communicating and inspiring others. Designed for a single organization and will produce a draft strategic plan.
  • Individual: Learn a new conceptual architecture for thinking, creating, communicating and inspiring others that you can take back to your organization. Designed for individual participants and will produce a thorough understanding of the process

Who Should Attend

People who want to learn to think more strategically within their organizations

Fields of Study

Communications and Marketing




Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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