Leases Before and After New U.S. GAAP: Case Studies of the Impact of Applying Changes in Lease Accounting and Financial Reporting

The proper treatment of leases in the financial statements can already be very complex and confusing, and now lease treatment is changing with ASU 2016-02. This course will take an illustrative example approach to clearly demonstrate the impact of changing accounting and financial reporting requirements under U.S. GAAP. (Available in 2 or 4 hour format)

Learning Objectives

  • Describe critical concepts in current U.S. GAAP related to leases
  • Explain the changes in lease accounting and financial reporting as a result of ASU 2016-02 (Topic 842)
  • Apply tips for getting ready for implementing the new lease standard

Major Topics

  • Identifying lease agreements under the old and new rules
  • Determining finance vs. operating lease classification for both lessees and lessors under the old and new rules
  • Illustrative debits and credits of lease accounting under the old and new rules
  • Examples of presentation and disclosure under the old and new rules
  • Tips for preparing to implement the new lease rules

Who Should Attend

Public and industry accountants who need to evaluate the proper accounting and financial reporting treatment of leases

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