Red Flag Mania: The Money Hunt

Red Flag Mania: Money Hunt is an immersive investigative experience that has been called a mix of an “escape room, modern day CLUE, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation all rolled up into an unique CPE workshop.​

Learning Objectives
  • Analyze the fraud triangle
  • Define fraud and internal control
  • Explain common principles and limitations of internal controls
  • Identify potential red flags
  • Identify the perpetrator
  • Identify and define the fraud schemes​

Major Topics

Gaining hands-on investigative experience can be difficult, and improving your professional skepticism abilities can be close to impossible. We read about these concepts and know that they are important, but how can we gain these skills? Here is your opportunity.

Welcome to Red Flag Mania, where the objective is to identify as many red flags as possible. In this interactive workshop, you will work in small teams to solve a case using several forensic accounting techniques and determine the perpetrator and the schemes. The story is real. The crime happened. You are the investigator. This segment will be taught by forensic accounting expert and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope.

Course Highlights
1. 15-minute short film
2. Investigative Evidence Packet
3. Micro-documentary

Are you ready to investigate?

What is Red Flag Mania? Take a look at this 1-minute video to learn more:

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

This immersive experience is designed for any professional that has to rely on financial information to make a business decision.​

Fields of Study
Behavioral Ethics



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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