Repair and Restart – How to Refresh Team Outlook and Re-ignite Team Energy

Even the best of teams, when working together for long periods, can lose their edge and relationships flatten and sometimes falter. Development stagnates and progress on projects is impeded when old team behavioral patterns get in the way. Help your team regain their perspective, clear the air of old issues and re-focus on new goals and redefine a new vision. Establishing new or re-introducing goals, address constraints and problem solving are part of this program. This is a custom program that will be designed to address your team’s specific needs and objectives. This course can also be designed in a 4-hour format.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Identify key constraints on teams and in projects and how to resolve them
• Identify ways to work under agreed ground rule and towards a common vision
• Designate the 4 types of people/approaches to work
• Identify how to work productively with all types of people

Major Topics

• Have a re-usable framework for discussing and resolving team issues
• Project team and role audit exercises
• Unconditional positive regard exercise
• “What I Feel Like Saying” – clearing the air exercise
• Project reset – review, revise and restart an under-performing project or overhaul and existing project in light of new variables

Who Should Attend

Departments or project teams who have been working together for long period or teams that are merging with new teams.

Fields of Study

Personnel/Human Resources




Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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