Revenue Recognition: Practical Approaches to Implementation

Revenue is probably the most important number in the financial statements. This course provides a comprehensive analysis of ASU 2014-09 and its impact on your company and/or clients. The course guides CPAs through the new analysis, judgments, estimation and disclosures this will involve. (This course is available in a 4 and 8-hour format.)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental principles of the contract- based approach to revenue set out in ASU 2014-09 and subsequent updates
  • Learn how to analyze contracts and account for them in terms of their performance obligations
  • Study how basic guidance is interpreted in more complex transactions using extensive, real-life examples.
  • Become aware of the multiple deliverables and percent of completion issues and their effect on revenue realization.
  • Learn how the balance sheet treatment of leases will alter financial statement numbers, ratios, and loan covenants
  • Become familiar with the right of use model for capitalizing leases
  • Analyze industry specific implementation issues using FASB’s 5 step approach.
  • Navigate through transition, disclosure and presentation challenges.

Major Topics

  • Analyzing contracts using the five step model
  • What can be learned from companies who have already implemented ASU 2014-09
  • Multiple deliverables and contract separation
  • Disclosures – a different approach
  • Effective date and transition implications
  • Capitalizing contract costs
  • Industry-specific considerations in implementation
  • Percent of completion and long term contracts
  • Accounting for contract pricing uncertainties

Who Should Attend

Preparers and accountants in public practice who need to understand the new revenue reporting rules, their practical impact on a company’s performance, and financial reporting practices.

Fields of Study



Prior learning or experience in revenue accounting


Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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