Strengths Based Leadership – Elevate Engagement & Well-Being

Strengths-Based Leadership Part 1 is the introductory course to the Clifton Strengthsfinder Assessment.

In this course we will learn about the 34 Clifton Strengths Themes and how strengths-based leadership increases engagement and well-being within organizations.  We will take an in-depth look at our individual strengths  and core values to understand how they inform our personal and professional lives and learn ways to use our strengths more intentionally to serve ourselves and others well.

Estimated time:  4 hours

Learning Objectives
  • Convey Gallup research on engagement in the workplace and understand how strengths contributes to both engagement and well-being within organizations
  • Complete and discuss the “Clues to Talent” worksheet to gain insight into how our talents may express themselves in our personal and professional lives.
  • Organize the Top 5 Themes of each person on a Strengths Matrix wall chart to create a holistic view of the overall talent in the team or organization.
  • Complete the Strengths in Excellence exercise to gain insights into how our strengths can be applied to create success. 
  • Identify core values through the How Values Light the Way exercise and gain insight into how these values inform our life.
  • Identify the “Sweet Spot” – the place where your strengths, values, and work align and intersect

Major Topics
  • The WHY for understanding our talent themes & the themes of others.
  • The difference between skill, knowledge, talent, and strength
  • 4 Domains of Clifton Strengths Themes
  • Identifying the Clues to Talent
  • The Balcony and Basement aspects of Strengths
  • Sixty second conversations to explore applications for our signature strengths
  • Identifying the “Sweet Spot” – the place where our strengths, values, and work align and intersect
  • How strengths contribute to increased resilience and well-being

Advanced Preparations


Fields of Study
Personal Development



CPE Credits


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