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Success Leaves Clues: Career Strategies for New Professionals

Discover everything you never learned in college and what it really takes to thrive in the accounting profession. Presented by leading thinkers in the profession and founders of VeraSage Institute, Ronald J. Baker and Daniel D. Morris, this course provides unique observations about the future of the profession along with what every emerging CPA needs to know now to thrive in the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the attributes of a true professional
  • Develop traits necessary for professional success
  • Improve problem solving skills: Formulating hypotheses and bringing order to chaos from information overload
  • Learn risk-taking, creativity, flexibility and independent thinking
  • Discover how to apply judgment rather than check list solutions
  • Build leadership skills
  • Understand how to make the transition from providing clients with deliverables to creating value
  • Gain an appreciation for how your colleagues learn

Major Topics

  • The tectonic shift taking place in the economy
  • The transition from manual and service workers to knowledge workers
  • Characteristics successful CPAs have in common
  • How do CPA firms create wealth for clients
  • The three types of Intellectual Capital: Human Capital; Structural Capital; and Social Capital, as well as negative forms of each
  • The U.S. Army as an example of a knowledge organization
  • Utilizing After Action Reviews
  • No firm is an island: Leveraging social capital and social media to create wealth and solutions for clients
  • Leaders are readers
  • The importance of having mentors, whether you know them or not
  • The art of rainmaking
  • Creating your own destiny: Developing a personal career plan
  • Education never stops: Life-long learning

Who Should Attend

Any emerging professional determined to succeed in today’s knowledge economy

Fields of Study

Personal Development




Business Learning Institute

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