Tech Trends for Accountants: What To Know and What You Can Do About It

AICPA Chair Bill Reeb stated in an July 2019 AICPA interview that “The digital era has swept in a blistering pace of change that’s transforming the world around us. The change is not incremental — it’s exponential.”

Advancing technologies, consumer preferences and higher expectations are dramatically changing the accounting profession. Technologies, including data analytics and BI, artificial intelligence, robotics process automation, cloud, and others, are changing the landscape of the profession.

The barrage of information can be overwhelming and confusion sets in on how to even start. This session will address the major trends accountants should be considering and provide a process by which to think about proceeding.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain the major trends and technologies disrupting the accounting profession
  • Prioritize technologies and develop an approach to make progress on important trends most relevant to their firm
  • Consider and apply the “80/20” rule to their decision making (identify the areas of least amount of effort that will yield outsized results), As the saying goes “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything”
  • Understand how to apply a personal knowledge management (“PKM”) system to accumulate, maintain and access a relevant library of content

Major Topics

This course will explore the rapidly changing landscape of the accounting profession, focusing on those technologies that are currently considered likely to have the most significant impact on the profession. Data analytics and BI, automation technologies, artificial intelligence, cloud, blockchain, mobile, and other technologies will be touched on. This is an era of significant opportunity for our profession and this session will get you thinking about how to move forward in your world!

Who Should Attend

Anyone in the accounting profession trying to make sense of the rapid technological change the profession is facing. If you want to increase your awareness and have a better sense about how to proceed, this session is for you.

Fields of Study
Information Technology


This session is designed as an overview session, rather than a “how-to” deep dive. We will be broadly exploring new technologies, impact on the profession, and why they are important.

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