MBAexpress: Masterful Marketing

MBAexpress: Masterful Marketing

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You have developed a strong technical expertise but what about those skills necessary to grow and expand your business?  This module will discuss various methods of lead generation, investing in your people, the importance of branding, and the use of social media.

  • Illustrate the marketing value by investing in their people
  • Identify how business professionals are differentiating themselves in the market place
  • Describe ways to strengthen business relationships
  • Recognize ways to determine ROI using social media
  • Determine what lead generation method would work the best for their business (referrals, direct marketing, publish a book, etc.)
  • Recognize that you are in the people business first and it’s people who create the relationships that that drive revenue
  • Discuss the differences between the various social media platforms
<ul> <li>CPAs, Corporate Finance Teams, Business Leaders and other Financial Professionals</li> </ul>
Communications and Marketing
  • None
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