MBAexpress: Nuances of Negotiating

MBAexpress: Nuances of Negotiating

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The art of negotiating with your customers, clients, business partners and colleagues is a vital skillset for the business professional. Successful business negotiations will help you drive your business success and your career.  This course will provide you with key tips and techniques you can use to improve your negotiating strategy, skills and confidence.

  • Recognize techniques that will lead to greater confidence in any negotiation situation
  • Identify when to use the anchor effect in negotiating
  • Identify the two types of negotiations
  • Identify the seven skills of negotiation
  • Identify how to keep the negotiation positive
  • Using your network
  • Drafting a battle plan
  • Setting expectations
  • Closing the gap
  • Using “Yes and”
  • Don’t give in
<ul> <li>CPAs, Corporate Finance Teams, Business Leaders and other Financial Professionals</li> </ul>
Communications and Marketing
  • None
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