Our top ‘Future-Proof’ podcasts of 2018

It’s been an exciting year for us here at the Business Learning Institute, for a number of reasons.

Near the top of the list is the fact that we launched a new podcast this year. We call it “Future-Proof,” and here’s why we launched it.

Accounting is, by definition, a rear-view mirror profession. We spend most of our time looking back — accounting for what has happened. If we want to remain relevant in a world of constant change, we have to change. We’ve got to start looking through the windshield. We must become future-ready.

The podcast is designed to share the trends you need to watch, the skills you need to learn to remain relevant going forward, and the resources that will help future-proof your career. Most important, it allows us to talk with some of the most influential people in the profession, who offer their insights into what the profession has to do to get ready for tomorrow.

We had some great, insightful conversations this year. And here’s a list of the 10 most popular “Future-Proof” podcasts of 2018.

Give ’em a listen, then join us in 2019 for a full year of game-changing conversations.

1. South Dakota v. Wayfair: How the Supreme Court ruling will affect sellers, consumers and CPAs


2. Evolving your firm into an anticipatory organization


3. Is your organization digitally mature?


4. The sky isn’t falling … but the accounting and finance profession needs to change


5. We won’t recognize the accounting and finance profession in 10 years (and that’s OK)


6. Talent, taxes, technology and transformation: The challenges CPAs face worldwide


7. How blockchain may take your practice, profession and career into the next generation


8. Welcome to the world of exponential change


9. The business case for diversity and inclusion


10. Six tech trends that will soon impact your profession and life


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