Podcast: The entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurship isn’t something that many accounting and finance pros have a lot of experience with, but we’re in an era when at least thinking like an entrepreneur can go a long way toward helping us become a bit more #FutureReady.

Entrepreneurs look at the world just a little differently. Adapting an entrepreneur’s mindset might help us evolve a little faster … and that might make all the difference.

Our guest, David Mammano, is the founder of the Avanti Entrepreneur Group, headquartered just outside of Rochester, N.Y., but open to entrepreneurs everywhere. He’s basically trying to build a huge community of entrepreneurs who can learn from one another, share resources and best practices and war stories, and support each other on their entrepreneurial journeys.

In this conversation, we cover:

  • What sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the business community.
  • What entrepreneurs can teach accounting and finance professionals.
  • How we all can start thinking more like an entrepreneur.

Listen to our conversation here.


Thinking like an entrepreneur
We’re not alone in thinking that the entrepreneurial mindset is going to be important for the future of work, regardless of industry (or whether you have any interest in being an entrepreneur). Shawn Osborne, president and CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, wrote an article for Entrepreneur.com called “8 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur.”

Those eight ways are:

  1. Opportunity recognition
  2. Comfort with risk
  3. Creativity and innovation
  4. Future orientation
  5. Flexibility and adaptability
  6. Initiative and self-direction
  7. Critical thinking and problem-solving
  8. Communication and collaboration

They ought to sound familiar, especially if you’ve been listening to this podcast. A lot of them are among the lists of #FutureReady skills we’re told over and over that we’ll need to master in order to stay relevant in a changing and complex world.

So maybe staying future-ready all comes down to thinking like an entrepreneur.

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