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The totality of issues facing CFOs and CEOs in today’s economic environment is staggering. Finance professionals in business and public accounting need to understand these issues so they can help their clients / colleagues make more informed business decisions. This program will address these issues and more including the big picture, managing the board, the value-drivers, business vs. corporate, financial services, risk management and economic analysis.Available in 4 and 8 hour formats

Learning Objectives

Understand the totality of issues facing CFOs and CEOs in order to help you better conduct your activities and advise and your colleagues/clients to make more informed business and financial decisions

Major Topics
  • The big picture – how investors, analysts and the media impact strategic, tactical and governance decisions, and how best to manage their expectations
  • Managing the board – how management and auditors can best address issues facing boards in an era of high public scrutiny and frivolous litigation
  • The value drivers – how businesses are valued and how to direct an organization’s strategic and operating plans to focus on value creation
  • Business vs. corporate – how best to develop a coordinated and complementary decision and accountability environment, to drive business performance while satisfying corporate governance requirements
  • Financial services – how best to deliver sophisticated accounting, finance, planning and compliance services with a partnering mind-set, ensuring business buy-in, no surprises or missed deadlines.
  • Risk management – how best to assess and manage both financial and enterprise risk, not just from a perspective of “what might go wrong” but “what must go right” to achieve organizational objectives
  • Economic analysis – how best to apply macro- and micro-economic theory and analysis to better address the impact of business cycles on investment and operating decisions, including how to measure and account for the economic effects of transactions
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
Business & Industry
CPE Field of Study
Management Services
Who Should Attend

CPAs and other finance professionals who want to: 1) expand their knowledge of business management and finance, and 2) work more effectively with C-Suite executives by anticipating their needs and accountabilities

Robert Tarola

Management experience

Realterm Global, Inc.
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Oct 22, 2020
9:00 am - 12:30 pm EST
Realterm Global, Inc.
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Realterm Global – Insights From the C-Suite

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