Strategic Planning

Determining the WHAT and HOW for the future of your organization – through the lens of your WHY.

What is strategic planning?

Business Learning Institute strategic planning focuses on strategy as a process that aligns your team toward a common vision and greater results. We facilitate a two-day workshop, during which our certified facilitators work with your team to define strategy, determine actions, guide communication, and inspire action.

You take the lead, we guide the process. Through collective, all-staff discussion and planning, we help you determine the direction of your organization and design the strategic planning process to fit your organization’s outcomes. We work with teams of varying sizes – from small leadership groups to large-scale team sessions – and our interactive and engaging process achieves increased buy-in which accelerates your success.

How we get there.

We approach organizational strategy in phases over the course of the workshop. Phase 1 sets up the initial framework to identify the external and internal context. From there, we find the opportunities that exist within your organization and zero-in on ideal outcomes for the future.

Phase 2 employs our Insight to Action process, or i2a. i2a empowers the team to reflect on the insight gathered during phase 1, and then create realistic, actionable steps that reinforce the organizational goals.   


Pillars of the i2a - Insights to Action Process


The first step is observation. What external trends are we seeing that will have the biggest impact?


Insight is about adding the internal context of strengths, challenges and opportunities, and a process to rank and prioritize the most important.


Once we’ve achieved a solid platform of shared context and understanding of the external & internal environment, we then create the strategies that will accelerate our strategy.


Determine who needs to be involved in executing the strategy and how to get their commitment and buy-in? Together, we design your process to account for this often-overlooked step.


Inspire action. Last, we work with you to define the next steps toward turning your vision and strategy into action.

See how BLI strategic planning works


BLI’s expertise was key in deciding how to present our material in order to elicit the kinds of discussions we wanted to have. Participants were able to fully engage, think outside of the box, and connect.

Ilaya Hopkins VP of Public Affairs / Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

The biggest payoff of the strategic planning process for us is focus. The process, as much as the plan that comes out of it, pays the dividends and helps our people reach consensus.

L. Gary Boomer CPA, CITP, CEO / Boomer Consulting, Inc.

The BLI’s strategic planning service has brought so many wonderful ideas and programs to our firm. It’s not a static process, which is why we have found such value in repeating it annually for over 10 years.

Kimberly J. Wines SPHR, AAAPM / Smith Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC

The strategic planning process caused us to take stock of ourselves, both individually and as a firm. We found that our goals for the company’s future were far more aligned than we would have imagined, had we not been having the conversations the process facilitated.

Patrice Squillante CPA, Shareholder / Melanson Heath

Case Studies

Melanson Heath Tackles Transition With Strategy

Melanson Heath is a CPA firm that has been in business for more than 35 years. Their leadership recognized the need to set a strategic plan for moving the firm into the future, and came to BLI for help realizing that plan. Tom Hood – BLI’s strategic planning lead facilitator – was brought in to speak with the partners in place of their typical annual meeting in May of 2013, and they found the process to be of immense value.

Boomer Consulting, Inc., Focuses on the Big Picture with Strategic Planning

L. Gary Boomer, CPA, CITP, is the CEO of Boomer Consulting, Inc. He has served on the Governing Council and several committees through the AICPA with Tom Hood. The two had worked together on strategic planning for firms around the country and had the opportunity to witness the development of each other’s processes. When it came time for Boomer Consulting to do their own internal strategic planning, they asked Tom to facilitate.

Tom Hood has facilitated an annual strategic planning session at Boomer for the last seven years. Each year, the group begins by discussing areas of progress and major priorities of the company over the previous year, and comparing those observations to what subjects had been addressed at the last session. This look back is followed by an investigation of market trends, both in and outside of the industry, and members of the group share which trends they think will be most impactful to the company in the coming year.

Mr. Boomer attests that the biggest payoff of having BLI and Tom back annually is the focus it brings to his company. The process, as much as the plan that comes out of it, is credited with paying the dividends and helping people reach consensus.

Smith Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC, Sets their Course for the Future

Smith Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC, is a broad-based accounting firm that for the past 10 years has had a Business Learning Institute thought leader lead their annual partners’ retreat. They have found that bringing an outsider in to facilitate keeps their company moving forward each year.

“BLI’s strategic planning service has brought so many wonderful ideas and programs to our firm over the years. It’s not a static process, which is why we have found such value in repeating it annually,” says Kimberly J. Wines, SPHR, AAAPM, firm administrator at SEK.

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